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S Brad Isbister  MA RCC  -  Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC)

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Obsessive - Compulsive Therapy - OCD

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Session Rates​  -  $ 140 (60 min)  /  $ 180 (90 min)  
(includes applicable taxes)

- e-transfer, cheque, cash accepted.

(limited sliding scale sessions may be available according to specific need).

  • Therapy is tailored to age/maturity of Client. Starting from Age 8.

  • Recommended number of sessions varies by symptom intensity and presence of co-occurring conditions - on average - 15-20 sessions.

  • Treatment is recommended where obsessions/compulsions are the primary symptoms disrupting functioning. Conditions such as severe depression, acute trauma, active addiction, psychosis should be addressed first.

  • Neither starting nor discontinuing medication is a prerequisite for treatment.

  • Treatment Program includes Psychoeducation, comprehensive Assessment, collaborative Treatment Plan, Relapse prevention.

  • This evidence-based treatment includes Exposure exercises tailored to the unique Client presentation. The 'triggers' we are targetting for Exposure, often occur in one's natural environment. Virtual Sessions can be essential in meeting the OCD where it lives. 

  • Our work together will expand our relationship with thoughts/beliefs and will likely stir emotions and evoke body sensations. Willingness for discomfort in the short-term sets up a life with greater peace, freedom, and intention in the longer-term. 

  • With Client motivation and Homework adherence, research suggests that you are likely to be in the two thirds that achieve significant symptom reduction, that is often maintained long term.

Please contact me to book an Assessment, Session, or a Complimentary Consultation.    Phone/Messages - 250.668.8354     [email protected]